Typhoo Tea Ltd.

1965/66 Famous Football Clubs - Series 2.
Series 1 was produced in 1963 as a set of 24. Series 2, which included many of the same teams as the first series was produced in 1965. The cards were able to be cut from the side of the tea packets. The quality of the cards therefore depends a lot on the person who cut them out, since this dictates how much of the packet was included, and how neat the borders will be.

If you collected any 12 of the tea packet cards you could send them away to Ty-Phoo Tea and obtain a 10" x 8" colour photo of your favourite team, 'suitable for framing'. Interestingly the team photos on the Premium cards are not the same as on the packet cards.

See the colour pictures here : Picture 1 & Picture 2

I do not have any of the pictures

Information & Picture images from Nigel's Webspace