Football 1979/80.
An enormous set of small stickers, 528 in total, most of which were issued in pairs. The collection includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd Division team players, International Action and International Stars, Scottish Premier Division team players, and composite pictures of the England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland. The stickers came in packets, with 8 stickers for 6p. The stickers were pre-glued i.e. they had peelable backs. The album for these stickers was printed in Italy, and cost 15p from 'your local shop'. Transimage operated a Collectors Service whereby you could order missing stickers. This service operated from 1 October 1979 to 1 April 1980. In many ways its a pity that this collection didn't catch on, since it showed great promise.

Information and image of album & wrapper is from Nigel's Webspace

#'s 8 & 12 uncut

Back of the stickers

Album & Wrapper