Topps Total Football 2009

The Topps Total Football Official 2009 Premier League Sticker Collection marks the official switch from Merlin to Topps. Whilst they have both been the same publishing company for many years, the Merlin 'brand' was used to keep fans returning year after year to their football stickers. The brand change explains the slightly odd name of this edition.

The Topps Total Football 2009 sticker album has a foreword written by Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore. The collection is laid out with a club summary page, and three pages of players. The summary page offers stats on the stadiums, honours, last seasons performance, a star player summary and '3 things you should know' about the club.

The players each have a picture of their shirt number with a career summary, vital statistics and goals scored in total games.

The 2009 edition includes a 'Topps Total Football Quiz' sticker section, with a questions per club and the sticker is the answer. The collection has a 'Milestones' area showing outstanding achievments for players, from the youngest appreaances to players captaining the same club in all four top football divisions.

The club summary page includes the club badge, team photo and a star player sticker.

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