Topps Premier League 2014

Page 1 shows the FA badge and the Premier League Trophy stickers, then as normal, Arsenal start us off on the second page. The album is arranged with each club occupying a double-spread throughout the album. The first sticker is the club shiny badge, the second is a sticker of the club Manager and then alongside these across the top is a two-part squad sticker. The rest of the page is occupied by 12 squad football stickers. Interestingly, in this edition of the Topps Premier League Sticker Collection the football stickers run from left to right in a complete row, rather than a shorter row across the left-hand page and then the right-hand page in turn.

Certain squad football stickers throughout the album are marked as "Pro 11", with a section in the centre of the album where these players appear again in 'shiny' form. The Pro 11 refers to a Topps Football online competition, with your virtual sticker collection. Codes appear on the back of the Pro 11 stickers for you to enter on the Topps website to unlock the players. Also in the centre of the Topps 2014 Premier League Official Sticker Collection is the Kits section. The football stickers here each contain two home kits, each sharing their sticker with another club.

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