Topps Premier League 2013

Richard Scudamore once again drops-in on the first page to introduce us to the Topps 2013 Premier League Official Sticker Collection, with two stickers here including a nice shiny FA Premier League Logo. Over the page, we jump straight into the action with Arsenal. The shiny club badge sits top left, a two part squad football sticker is below with a squad listing in the centre of the first page. There are 5 squad member football stickers on the left and a further 7 squad members on the facing page of the double-spread. Each footballer's sticker space also shows stats and info such as goals and appearances and vital statistics such as height, weight and age. The club page is rounded-off with a shiny star player sticker in the centre of the right hand page.

The middle of the 2013 Premier League Sticker Album shows the new kits for all the clubs, and an 'International Stars' feature spread as well.

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