Topps Premier League 2012

Richard Scudamore has now written 12 forewords for Merlin and Topps. The 2012 edition doesnt disappoint, as Mr. Scudamore welcomes Swansea City into the Premier League.

The Topps 2012 Premier League Official Sticker Collection is the 20th season of the Premier League, and the 2012 sticker album celebrates this at the centre, with a look back at each football sticker collection there has been to date. Each album gets its own sticker, with a photo of the album that year alongside. There is also a sticker of Bryan Robson in the 1992/93 season before Merlin's first edition sticker album in 1994 - that means I guess, that it's a never before seen sticker!?

After the foreword, the 2012 Premier League sticker album continues with a fairly 'go with what you know' approach. A fairly consistent layout and style to that of the last few editions. Each club is allocated four pages, a double-spread summarising the club and a second double-spread for the squad stickers. The club summary pages show the club shiny badge, two-part kit, large team sticker and a large star player shiny sticker. Stats included are the first team squad, last season performance and a 20 year record. A 'team tactics' bar reveals the team's normal approach to a competitive fixture. A raft of quick fire trivia also appears on the first page.

The club squad pages are similar to previous seasons, the stickers show the player and his signature, whilst the slot on the page also displayes the previous season performance statistivs, with a star rating for each category.

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