Merlin's FA Premier League Sticker Quiz Collection

The 2006 Merlin Quiz album is an interesting one, not before and never since have they done a similar quiz album. A shame, because it's a great concept that makes for a very exciting and interesting football sticker album. The collection was released in the same year as the annual 2005 and 2006 Premier League albums, so perhaps Merlin/Topps felt that they overlapped too closely and were to much for their young fan base to keep pace with, who can say?

Helpfully, the first page explains the idea of the Merlin F.A. Premier League Sticker Quiz Collection, the idea being that you go through the collection making a guess at each question and put your answer in the box below. Then you get collecting - stick your stickers into the spaces and eventually you find out how accurate your guesses were! The format doesn't deviate too far from the normal Premier League Football Sticker Collection format, teams are arranged alphabetically starting with Arsenal. Each are allocated 11 (there are at least 12 Arsenal) football stickers, so you might think you could just guess the sticker placements by the player positions... however, Merlin aren't daft! They mix up the placement of the players on each page, so the goalie isn't always the first stick on the page for example.

Some of the football stickers (one or two per team) are shiny ones, normally for a star or key player on the team. There aren't any badge shinys or team photo stickers, and the only other page content other than the quiz questions beneath each player sticker is a brief paragraph that gives a very quick intro to the team.

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