Merlin's Premier League 98 Sticker Collection

The 1998 album is the fifth edition of the Premier League sticker collection from Merlin. Peter Leaver QC opens the album with an introduction in which he comments "there can hardly be a professional player today who did not collect football stickers in his youth". With that thought, the collection kicks off with Arsenal!

Merlin's Premier League 98 Sticker Collection allocates 3 double spreads to each club. The opening page has the shiny club badge and kit, a photo of the manager, the facing page contains the two part team sticker and top scorer sticker. A ton of stats are packed in here, with a 10-year league position chart, the squad formation, honours list, goal scorers and the top scorer's goal tracker.

The player pages are crammed with 16 squad member stickers, each player getting a previous season stats including appearances and goals scored, club background and the ever important vital stats. The last two pages show photos and stats for a further handful of squad members, an international player, susperstar and hotshot stickers are on the page as well. As if you didn't have enough already, a whole stack more club stats are available here as well! Player performances, stadium guides, all-time records and performance records.

The centre pages contain the 'Swop till you drop' road show feature, which details the venues and dates. Also here is the Merlin's Collector's Awards, the favourite players as voted by Merlin collectors. The final pages in the centre of the album are the McDonald's pages.

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