Merlin's Premier League 97 Sticker Collection

The fourth edition, Merlin's Premier League 97 Sticker Collection matches the layout and styling of the previous 1996 collection. Starting with the FA Premier League Badge shiny and a summary section of the 94/95 season and the new album. However, the '97 album reverts to an alphabetical arrangement of the teams, therefore starting with Arsenal.

As in the '96 collection, each team's football stickers are arranged over 6 pages. The opening two pages show the manager sticker and club logo and team kit shinys, with management stats and club honours list. The facing page shows a two part team photo stickers, fixtures list and club honours. The page also contains a goalscorer record and club all-time records.

The following pages show a double-spread of player football stickers, with accompanying stats for each. The final pair of team pages contain further summary statistics and information on the club, a 2-part international player sticker, top striker shiny, goalkeeper sticker and overseas player shiny. It also features images of a match programme sticker and a table, listing per-player performance statistics from the previous season.

The centre pages of the album have 1994/1995 Season Review statistics, including the final table, and a written review. There is also a pair of pages reviewing England's progress in the 1996 Euro Championships. Following on is the McDonalds sticker pages.

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