Merlin's Premier League 95 Sticker Collection

The 1995 sticker album followed on the heels of the successfull first edition, which recieved rave reviews. Building on the 94 collection, this edition promises a more comprehensive guide with more stats and new features.

The layout of Merlin's Premier League 95 Sticker Collection follows a simple template, a single 'club summary' page, a double spread of team stickers, finished with a second 'club summary' page.

Each team has a table showing all time records against the other Premier League Premier League 95 No.7competitors, the 10-year record, honours list and the manager has his previous 10 seasons stats. The players have a table of statistics and each individual player's football sticker has a list of his previous season perfomances. The second club summary page has contact details, a shot of the stadium and a chart showing the previous season's goal scorers.

The 1995 edition sees the removal of the 'Club Programmes' and 'Sky Sports' sections from the previous season's collection. The club summary page includes the club badge, team photo and a 3D player sticker. The second club summary page shows a two-sticker 'action shot' and the kit.

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