Merlin's Premier League 2007 Sticker Collection

After another foreword from Premier League Chief Exec, Richard Scudamore, the Merlin's FA Premier League 07 Official Sticker Collection jumps straight into the teams. The teams are laid out over four pages, with the first page showing a numbered squad list, club badge, team and kit. The facing page shows last seasons stats, including star player, manager and formations. The first three player stickers are slotted in at the bottom of the page. The next double spread shows the player football stickers with all the usual stats and information.

The centre of the album contains 'Merlin's Most Wanted', with a football sticker per club, for a star or watch-worthy player. Each player in this section also gets a few fast facts, as well as displaying two other most wanted players from the club.

Other special features include the quiz section, and a special 'completion sticker' at the end.

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