Futera Fans Selection Arsenal 1997/98.
90 card base set, 18 Embossed cards & a motion card + an album.

Embossed cards

The motion card.

Futera Arsenal Double 1998.
Set of 19 Cards.

Futera Arsenal World Class 1998.
Set of 4 Cards.

Futera Fans Selection Arsenal 1999.
99 card base set, 9 Cutting Edge Embossed cards, 9 Hot Shots Chrome Embossed & 9 Vortex Chrome Diecut cards + an album.
There was a Player Edition (parallel set to regular card) on chrome board as well.

Cutting edge embossed cards

Hot Shots Chrome Embossed cards

Vortex Chrome Diecut cards

Futera Arsenal Greatest Platinum 1999.
Set of 50 Cards & a centrepiece.

I do not have the centrepiece card.

Futera Fans Selection Arsenal 2000.
50 card base set, 6 Electric cards & an XL Millennium Team card + an album.
There was a parallel Chrome set as well. I have chrome parallel #'s 137 - 150.

Electric cards

The XL Millennium card