1973/74 Footballer.
A&BC entered the era of scary hairstyles with a classy and popular set. The set was issued in 2 series: cards 1 to 131 (checklist 36) and 132 to 264 (checklist 182). Quality control was still not a priority for A&BC with cards 235, 262 and 264 never issued.

Crinkle-cut photographs.
Another A&BC set of black and white photographs, similar to the 1969/70 set but these tend to be action, rather than head, shots. Quality is again an issue, with the paper tending to age and therefore make this set appear older than they really are. These cards were issued with Series 2 of the Blue back set. 1 Arsenal card featured. I don't have the card with a red border.

Information and image of wrapper is from Nigel's Webspace