1971/72 Footballers.
Purple backs. Perhaps not one of A&BC's better designed sets. The backs are stylish, but the fronts don't have the same appeal as in previous years. Series 1 comprises cards 1 to 109 (checklist 57), Series 2 cards 110 to 219 (checklist 170) and Series 3 cards 220 to 290 (checklist 277).

Wants those with a red border.

Information and images are from Nigel's Webspace

Football club crests.
A set of strange looking stickers which were issued with Series 2 of the Purple backs. They belonged in an album.

Footballer Superstars.
Attractive stickers which were issued with Series 3 of the Purple backs. These stickers, like the crests, advertise the A&BC Footballer Album to stick them in.