1970/71 Footballer.
A large set of attractive cards, issued in 3 sets. Series 1 comprises cards 1 to 84 (checklist), Series 2 cards 85 (checklist) to 169 and Series 3 cards 170 (checklist) to 255.

An attractive set of 'pin-up' posters were issued with Series 1 of the Orange Backs. Since these pin-ups were squeezed into the bubble gum packets they always have some creases.
There was no Arsenal Pin-ups available.

A set of very small stickers/Action transfers which include the instructions 'Peel off back and rub picture with ball point' were issued with Series 2 and 3 of the Orange Backs. Most of these transparencies would have been attached to school books and other surfaces, so very few have survived intact. There was 4 Arsenal Transfers available

Wants those with a red border.

Information and images are from Nigel's Webspace