1958/59 Topstars - Famous Footballers Series 1 & 2.

A&BC Chewing Gum's first dedicated football card sets. There are two series of these cards, numbers 1 to 46 (Series 1) and 47 to 92 (Series 2).

For Series 1 there are two versions of the set, commonly referred to as 'Planet', due to an offer printed at the top of some of the cards. In Series 1, the 'Planet' cards have black and red backs, while the non-Planet cards have blue and red backs. Interestingly, there are also two different card printing sizes for the Series 1 non-Planet cards, with some cards slightly larger and with a larger printed image than other cards in the set.

There was 2 Arsenal cards in these sets. I do not have series 2 # 56, Dave Bowen.

Information and images are from Nigel's Webspace